Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh, so I got married....

So it's been over a year since I've updated my blog... but with good reason.  I met a cute boy... we started dating, then we got engaged and now we're married (a whole 3 months).  So I figured it's about time I update and post some pictures.  Although I will try to not be too gratuitous with the pictures, it was the best day... enjoy!

Obligatory "walking out of the temple" picture
Family & friends at the temple
My cute little nieces - little Jane mothering the slightly littler Siena
My parents
Besos from Siena
Jared & his cute little nieces and nephew

The McKee's
The Hatch's (we missed having Matty Boy with us)
Me & Grandma Carrolee
I wish I would've gotten a better picture with my grandparents
The Hatch's
Mike, Ginger, Grandpa, Kris, Grandma, Toni, Sally, Mike, Mom & Dad
The Goodman's (aka - my second family)
Steve, Cindy, Barrett, Jared, Mandy, Afton, Ryan & Kelli
(we missed all of the Teeples Clan, but glad we get to see them more often now)
The reception locale

My Grandpa Clarence (on the left) and his brother, Roy -
no, they're not twins
Mr. Karl Pedersen & his beautiful wife, Rachael
the man who started it all - he introduced me & Jared
The Fab Five
Irinna, Liz, Mandy, Beka & Noelle
Father/daughter dance.... so, does it look like we're related? 
Jared & his boys
Jay, Jeremy, Darin, Joe, Jared, Kris, Karl, Chris & Richard
Meg - the greatest roommate and adventure friend
The bouquet toss (or direct missile)
Me & my Tilly
The ladies - Jenna, Britt, Mandy & Heidi
 (Cami was already gone and I was way over not breathing in my dress)

The best day ever!!!! Coming soon... photos of our little abode, we're nearly done fixing up the place.  And then... on the road in the RV for 6 weeks.  I should probably get some pictures from Costa Rica up as well.