Monday, December 21, 2009

I like random

So in that regard, here area a few random thoughts I've had lately:

1) I love the smell of sawdust. I went out to the model home job site last week (they've started framing!!!) and I was reminded how much I love the smell of sawdust. It reminded me of my wood working class last year. I sadly just realized I haven't posted pictures of my final products (yet - it will be a New Year's Resolution). The smell also made me want to use my miter saw for a real project - I had an idea for Christmas gifts, but the frigid temperatures have delayed those plans until next year.

2) I'm a little nervous for my new volunteer experience here, after all I haven't officially committed to something for two years in a while. Sure, I've maintained employment at the same jobs for more than two years, I've lived in places (even houses) for more than two years, but I didn't make an official commitment upfront to these things. But it'll be great! I'm especially looking forward to my training class that I'll attend for the first 4 months to help me actually know what I'm showing people.

3) I love my mom and dad. They are always such great cheerleaders, are my best friends, and always let me call to cry, share happy news or just chat. I'm also grateful for siblings that do the same.

4) I've always been blessed with REALLY great girlfriends. High school, college besties, Arizona roommates (even Ralphie and Ruby weren't all bad), SLC roommates, friends at church, aunts who are like second moms, cousins, co-workers and the list goes on.

5) Lastly, I am SOOOOO excited to go home this week! Merry Christmas to all!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Something to note...

I get extremely grouchy when I'm hungry..... a fair warning to all.

I've been sitting at my desk for the last 4 hours while one, that's right, one cabinet is being installed in our office. I've been starving for the last 2 hours. How can it seriously take 4 hours to install ONE cabinet? I'm chewing gum, drinking water and just trying to be patient. I'm afraid at this point I may have to stop at the gas station and carbo/calorie load with some Cheetos.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amanda likes to.....

My friend Sarah posted this on her blog and I found it rather comical, so I decided to share mine.

All you have to do is google "[your name] likes to" and then post the top ten results. Here's what happened when I did my name:

1. Amanda likes to sit in her pajamas and shop for shoes on the Internet while eating Nutella straight out of the jar. (I promise, that really is the first result - and it's pretty true, except I think I would prefer Nutella on a crepe with bananas)
2. Amanda likes to dance. (Tis true... I do love to "dance it out" any time)
3. Amanda likes men who have confidence to be secure in themselves when they're with a girl. (So it didn't follow the "likes to"... but I still like it)
4. Amanda likes to dance.  (Yes, there really was a second of the same, which is fine by me)
5. Amanda likes to do it in her community. (Calm down - this was referring to physical activity and community interaction)
6. Amanda like to party. (Yes, depending on your definition)
7. Amanda likes to draw, paint, write comic books, read Jhonen Vasquez comics. (You lost me on the last two)
8. Amanda likes to write. (Sure, why not)
9. Amanda likes to dance.  (Ok, we get it - I like to dance)
10. Amanda likes to drink. (Please specify... Strawberry Limeade, Chocolate Milk, Fresca??? then the answer is yes)

Now, your turn. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Serious Game of Jenga....




I'm still trying to figure out how one would go about moving an entire building.  All I have been able to determine so far is that it must take a lot of careful digging and concrete cutting, some serious lifts and a lot of steady hands.
I was so intrigued by what I saw yesterday when I was out to dinner with a friend that I decided it deserved a second look and some photographic documentation.
So it's obvious that they've removed all the windows and filled them with cinder block, but what about the interior?  Are there braces holding the floors/ceilings up?  Or is the entire building full of blocks and mortar?

Friday, March 6, 2009

There is such a thing as too big

So I saw this commercial and thought this was a local company advertising, but to my surprise.... they have a billing address in Connecticut.  According to the "testimonials" it looks like big hair is loved by people across the nation - not just in my area. .... oh, and they're called "Bump Its"... not "Bum Pits"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Steak Out

My roommates and I ventured across the border to purchase a few "items" for an upcoming birthday and Chinese New Year.  While on the other side of the border, we decided it would only be fitting to indulge ourselves with mass quantities of meat.  Although this town's nicest restaurant required reservations... we were some how able to slip in and be seated at one of many vacant tables.  Here is the evidence of our gluttony: