Sunday, September 28, 2008

the summer of mandy returns, except - it's the fall

so once, actually twice, there was "the summer of mandy" - the first was in 2002... i had just returned from a spring-term study abroad in europe and had about 7 weeks of summer before returning to school. one of those weeks would be spent in hawaii with my best friends at our best friend's wedding... so with only 6 weeks at home, and no real prospects of employment (the seasonal positions had been filled for weeks) i was able to spend that time at home being crafty - i worked on the only real scrapbooks i've ever compiled for myself, went to classes at the health club with my mom, realized that i aspire to be a "pool mom" and re-finished a cedar chest that is now proudly displayed in my parents' room.

the second "summer of mandy" was in 2003 - yes, i had back-to-back summers of "leisure" (should be read so as to rhyme with 'pleasure' - much more lush that way) - this time i was a new resident in arizona... upon arriving in arizona just a few weeks before "the start" of an arizona summer (AKA- temperatures well-exceeding 100) and my sanity being questioned for the timing of my move... i came to realize that an arizona summer is quite enjoyable if you're living in a pool - especially a fabulous pool like my aunt & uncle's. but don't worry - i also improved my sewing skills at my aunt's workshop where i learned about making amazing window treatments, pillows and bedding. my cousin taught me some valuable skills while helping to "fix-up" some of his rental properties. and i even learned that it is possible to get a black-eye from the water if you hit it face-first at just the right speed and angle.

i am happy to say that "the summer of mandy" has returned - except that it's the fall... "the fall of mandy" just doesn't sound good. i guess i can go with "the autumn of mandy". after months of debating, praying, crying and just trying to feel happy with the difficulties at work, i decided that it would be best to leave my current employment, take a little time to re-group and search out new opportunities. in taking this time to re-group i have quite a number of projects i've been contemplating/planning for months. here's a list with a few of my favorites:

1) make throw-pillows for my couch that will be delivered shortly (skills from t.s.o.m. 2003 being put to use)

2) make this fabulous rug i saw online (see below)

3) resume my knitting projects and possibly try to sell here

4) find out who my 3rd-great grandparents are... this may require a trip to italy... a sacrifice i'm willing to make

5) attend classes at the gym regularly (skills from t.s.o.m. 2002)

6) improve my drawing skills by creating a portfolio of floor plans & elevations

7) contact the salt lake county clerk's office to help with election day

i just hope a new job won't get in the way of these great projects ;)


Uptown Girl said...

It sounds like you have great plans! We should run together... or your gym should have free guest week again so we can go to some classes together ;)

BBC said...

Mandy! This fall sounds like its going to be an awesome one! I am constantly amazed with you! You never just sit around waiting for things to happen to you, you go out there and do them! You're amazing! Hopefully I get to see you next month! Love you!

Amanda said...

i know i have free guest day on the 31st of October... let me know if you want to come... or i would say running in sugarhouse park is a good idea!

Britt said...

I'm thrilled that you get to have an autumn of LEISURE! (rhymes with PLEASURE) If you want to put those nurturing skills to use, I guess I'd be willing to share my four little people with you...twist my arm... hint, hint, come hang out up in the Fort with us. :)

Britt said...

Will you help me learn to knit little hats for Janie? Her hair is not growing as fast as her cheeks, and I'm afraid she might catch cold this winter.

Brad and Melani said...

Mandy! I saw your blog on Bec's. It's been way too long since we've seen each other. How's everything going? How are your projects going? :) You have always been the best with time management. Not a minute wasted. I miss you. If you’re in Utah when we come back for a month in December, we should get together and go skiing or something. YES! I said skiing! Brad is an avid skier and has introduced me to the very expensive sport. I’m excellent at ‘snow plowing’!