Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amanda likes to.....

My friend Sarah posted this on her blog and I found it rather comical, so I decided to share mine.

All you have to do is google "[your name] likes to" and then post the top ten results. Here's what happened when I did my name:

1. Amanda likes to sit in her pajamas and shop for shoes on the Internet while eating Nutella straight out of the jar. (I promise, that really is the first result - and it's pretty true, except I think I would prefer Nutella on a crepe with bananas)
2. Amanda likes to dance. (Tis true... I do love to "dance it out" any time)
3. Amanda likes men who have confidence to be secure in themselves when they're with a girl. (So it didn't follow the "likes to"... but I still like it)
4. Amanda likes to dance.  (Yes, there really was a second of the same, which is fine by me)
5. Amanda likes to do it in her community. (Calm down - this was referring to physical activity and community interaction)
6. Amanda like to party. (Yes, depending on your definition)
7. Amanda likes to draw, paint, write comic books, read Jhonen Vasquez comics. (You lost me on the last two)
8. Amanda likes to write. (Sure, why not)
9. Amanda likes to dance.  (Ok, we get it - I like to dance)
10. Amanda likes to drink. (Please specify... Strawberry Limeade, Chocolate Milk, Fresca??? then the answer is yes)

Now, your turn. 


Jenna said...

i'm a little scared to post mine, but it appears most amandas are quite lovely like you.

Tilly said...

this is so fun!!! ok i did mine and they are so random...and i dont have anywhere to post them so i am going to do them here...
1.Cami likes to...jump on bubble wrap (TRUE)
2. Cami likes cat food? (FALSE)
3. Cami likes to...walk on the beach (ya)
4. Cami likes to...have much creative control (ok)
5. Cami likes Ethan...haha my nephew yes! but i think they meant it romantically
6.Cami likes to...seam pieces? (mom would say no haha)
7. Cami likes him Dr Gamayzel. (ok?)
8. Cami likes pottery and stain glass
9. Cami likes to..tease and say that if she has spent as much time reading scientific textbooks as she has romance novels, she'd have come up with a cure for cancer by now. haha
10. Cami likes to...rock out with her band (o ya!)
haha this is SO fun! i love it!