Friday, January 8, 2010

Sometimes I wish...

that this could be my job

I went to the wild mustang auction earlier last year and although I know little about horses and round-ups (especially of wild mustangs), sometimes I wish I knew a lot. And had a horse of my very own.
My company is currently building in a small-ish town and I think about moving up here some days. I think I would like it. Shopping wouldn't be an issue - I like shopping online. They have a few cute restaurants, for days I'd like to eat out. More than one grocery store. Multiple gas stations. I think they have a movie theater, if not there's one within a 20-25 min. drive. They even have a store for boots and jeans. And yes, I did stop to look for my perfect pair of boots. I'm still on the hunt. They didn't have any that said "Mandy". I'll find 'em.

Here's another great reason - I took these pictures on my drive to check progress at the lot.

A fairly large herd thought the middle of a field would be a cozy place on a wintery day.
Another herd was looking to find more cover above the golf course.

Side note - maybe I should change the name of my blog to "Title... Post" - I seem to exhibit a pattern here.


BBC said...

mandy... i totally do the title... post thing too! i have to always try really hard NOT to do that! ha ha...

although i like your idea to move to some small town in theory, that would just mean i'd get to see you less! i don't like that at all! :( just kidding... i think it would be rather peaceful.

also, i think you'd make one awesome wild horse herder!

Britt said...

Why don't you come to Sunnyside with us?! You can have your horses and also become a vintner who sells to Welch's or Smuckers... I'll have to tell you about our recent trip up there. I'm glad I'm not the only one in the family who feels a little bit country.

BTW, we also want to put you to work helping us through the process of building a house. So really, maybe you should consider WA. :)