Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my welcome to arizona

I was going through some files and found this fantastic picture of me and my cousin, Tara. I can tell it was taken shortly after I moved to Arizona by the lovely shiner on my right eye.
Here's the story: I'd been to my new singles ward once where I heard that the following Saturday was the ward lake trip.
Tara and I went for some fun at the lake and to make some new friends. I was also able to make a new discovery.... if you catch the tip of your wakeboard and hit the water at the right angle with enough speed, you'll end up with a bloody nose, a black eye and a killer headache. It was embarrassing. For weeks, no months after, people remembered me as "the girl that got a black eye at the lake".
Being that I was in Arizona, most people assumed I got hit playing softball. One old guy at the gas station even stopped me and asked if I was okay. I'm not sure if he was expecting me to confide in him about domestic abuse or what, but it was cute that he was so concerned.
Yes, Arizona welcomed me with a nasty black eye (and it was nasty, half of my eyeball was solid red due to broken blood vessels).


Britt said...

That's funny and sad at the same time.;)

BBC said...

i agree with britt... totally hilarious but also very sad! it's funny cuz i can't really picture you being clutzy or accidental! you're awesome!