Monday, July 25, 2011


Well here's the first (long-time promised) post of projects at the house.  Last fall Jared and I got a little adventurous and decided to replace the kitchen countertops... by ourselves.  
When Jared first bought the house last April, the first thing he did was paint.... the walls in nearly and every room and the kitchen cabinets (he's not a big fan of white cabinets).  So I helped him pick some colors and after a little learning experience (translate: painting, peeling, sanding, re-painting)... the kitchen cabinets were done in a nice dark grey - I believe its called Seal by Martha Stewart at Home Depot.
It all started with the KSL classifieds and a drive up to Ogden.

Our future countertops - anyone recognize the material yet?

They're old bowling lanes from an alley in Ogden - now closed.

Sawing and sanding... and sawing and sanding.
Countertops installed and multiple coats of sealer applied.

We now have the backsplash and it's nearly all installed.  We just need one more piece trimmed down.  We used 6" tall aluminum and had it brushed and powdercoated.  I need to take some better pictures once we finish the backsplash (and the walls have a new color too).

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BBC said...

what a unique countertop! i love the idea! can't wait to see the final product!